About Us

ReCycliste is a circular economy neighborhood business that manufactures and sells refurbished custom-made used bicycles.

Our Values

ReCycliste promotes the reuse of bicycles, frames and bicycle parts that are still functional. The rest is donated to SOS Vélo, community organizations or sent to scrap, rather than to landfills.

Mother Earth

We use natural resources available in Quebec and very few imports.


From assembly to after-sales service under warranty, ReCycliste takes care of everything.


Over 50 years of experience in bicycle mechanics and sales, as well as on the road as a cyclist.


A social commitment through volunteering in the community, as a volunteer bike mechanic, bike mechanis teacher and bicycle meal deliveries.

OurYour bike mechanic


Photo du proprio

Welcome to ReCycliste where bicycle mechanic has been a passion since my childhood. I started working in a small neighborhood bike shop in N.D.G. and I never stopped doing bicycle mechanics.

I participated in the technical writing of student textbooks of the first cohort of the course AEP Mécanique de vélos offered by l'École des métiers de l'équipement motorisé de Montréal de la CSS de Montréal (october 2022).

I also train bike mechanics to the general public in Montreal.