ReCycliste is a local bike shop that operates within the circular economy guidelines, producing and selling refurbished bicycles.

ReCycliste highly values the reduction, re-use and recovery of bicycles, frames and bike parts.

Our values

Respect for Mother Earth
"We take decisions based on 7 generations to come."

"From sales to post-sales warranty, reCYcliste takes care of everything"

"Over 50 years of experience in bike mechanics and sales, as well as on the road as a cyclist."

Social economy
"We are socially engage by volunteer work in the community."

Buying at ReCycliste+

Personalized service

Our service is professional while keeping our operations local, participative and community-oriented. We make sure that the bike chosen will fit your needs, and we will adapt it if necessary.

30-day limited warranty

We are happy to offer you a guarantee on all our bikes. Whatever the glitch or problem you have, do not hesitate to get back in touch with us, and we will be pleased to find a solution. The warrantee is limited to the repair of the bicycle by the ReCycliste. We do not refund any kind of repair done elsewhere, unless previously authorized by the ReCycliste.

For winter bikes or buy in winter, there is no guarantee offered.

Prices are subject to change at anytime.


Our refurbishment is composed of a complete tune-up and a replacement of parts, and it includes:

  • Repair or replacement of all broken or overworn components,
  • Adjustment of brakes, gears and bearings,
  • Oiling all cables, bolts, nuts or screws,
  • Cleaning and lubricating of the chain
  • Lubrication and adjustment of the bottom bracket, headset and hubs on both wheels,
  • Alignment of wheels and chainrings,
  • Inspection and repair of tires, inner tubes and rim tapes,
  • Cleaning the entire bike
  • Anti-rust treatment on any visible rust, and
  • Road test.

It is therefore possible to offer a limited warranty on parts and labor against any manufacturing defect under normal use conditions.

20$ discount on the subscription towards a DIY community workshop!

With the purchase of a bicycle, we offer you a 20$ discount on the subscription to one of the DIY community workshop in the Montreal area. There you can do your bike maintenance in a well-equipped bikeshop with mechanics/volunteers who know a lot. How to get my discount?

  1. Pick a community workshop and go there to register,
  2. Send a picture of your membership receipt to
  3. You will get your reimbursement by e-tranfer at your given e-mail address, up to 20$

Quantity discount

Buy two bikes and get 5% discount, buy three bikes and get 10% discount, buy four or more bikes and get 15% discount.

Purchase includes+


We have several pictures of frames and bikes to custom-built. The are lots of custom-built bikes because we simply did not have time to refurbish them yet.

Because the bike wasn't refurbished, this is the right time to get it personnalized to your individual specifications at minimal cost.

  • First appointment, phone consultation:
    Find a bike from the online bike catalog, write us with a date and time for a phone consultation regardins individual specifications.
    We'll answer questions and discuss it's personnalization: bike usage, handlebar style, gear shifter position, tire size, etc.
    We then, place it in the production line.
  • Mockup validation:
    Halfway during assembly, we send you photos of the bike, the list of installed components and the adjusted price.
    It's a good time for you to make last minute changes before the final assembly.
    As soon as we receive your approval of the mockup, we finalize cabling, adjustments and road test the bike.

  • Second step, come try the bike out at the pickup point location:
    As soon as it is ready, we write back and invite you to come try the bike.
    It's reserved for you for a period of 48h.
    If you like it, you just pay and leave with it!
    If you dont, no problemo, I just place it up for sale.
  • Win/win formula:
    On your part, no commitment, no deposit, cancellation at any time and no obligation to buy the bike once tried.
    On our part, no guarantee on the delivery date, no guarantee on the price of the finished product because it is linked to the final parts installed.


The estimator is handy for estimating a custom-built bike. It also serves as the assembly voucher and the final delivery voucher. Start by choosing component options and customize more details based on your cycling knowledge or give us a call.


Payment method+

Payment for your bike is only made when you come try the bike out and you accept it. You can always reserve the bike by making a full non-refundable payment at order time.

Bike donations+

Are you an individual?

If you have a bike or parts to give, do not hesitate to contact us!

We offer 5% to 15% off for the purchase of a bike on our website. The discount depends on the condition of the bike you donate. Bicycles or accessories left in exchange cannot be returned or redeemed under any circumstances.

Are you a community bikeshop?

We also offer a formula for those bikeshops that have too many bikes or parts.

We offer free pick-up in the Montreal area. In return, ReCycliste offers all of its customers a refund on the purchase of an annual membership card in your community bikeshop.


We keep a strict inventory of all donations.
In the event that a donation is eventualy identified as stolen, the donor will be contacted immediately.

Ecco Characteristics+

ReDuce - No single use containers, you say?

Our production process does not use or generate signle use containers.

ReUse - A fine refurbished bike, you say?

Although the vast majority of our bikes are initially used and in bad condition, they all leave, without exception, our workshop in A1 mechanical condition. Everything is well-adjusted, oiled and greased as needed.

ReCycle - What is done with what cannot be repaired?

If it is impossible to reuse the frame, we will strip off it's components.
If it is impossible to reuse the components, we will strip off it's parts

Everything that is functional is cleaned, repaired, tolerance measured and well organised in the inventory.

ReValue - What do we do with our own recycling bin?

Bicycles, frames, non-repairable and surplus parts are in turn shipped to other eco-friendly organizations such as: Cycle Nord-Sud, SOS Vélo and community bike shops who can, in turn, reuse them.

Winter bikes+

Yes, we build winter bikes. Adapted for the Montreal winters with all of it's slush. Usually build with left over parts, that will need little maintenance during the winter. Please consult and familiarize yourself by reading adapt your bike for winter before contacting us.

  • Coaster brake, without cables that freeze.
  • With a single speed, again witout cables that freeze.
  • With alloy wheels.
  • With single, double or triple cranksets.
  • With wide pedals, for your boots.
  • With odd mudgards, to keep the slush away.
  • With cyclocross or mountain crampon tires, but not studded.

Winter bikes start at 200$. New studded tires cost between $65 and $120 each. Sometimes we have used studded tires for half the price. Take a look at last year's built of winter bikes, it'll give you an idea.