Used Custom Made Bikes

We specialize in the manufacture of custom used bicycles.

Purchase or order stages

We have several photos of frames or bikes to be made to measure. The custom-made bike must be refurbished, it is waiting for you to specify the components to be used.

Confirm your bike choice

Mockup Validation

For custom-made bikes, this intermediate step is necessary.

Try & Buy

Win/win Deal

Manufacturing Scenario Estimator+

The estimator is useful for "estimating"" a custom-made bike that has not yet been refurbished. Start by choosing a component group and customize the most in detail or opt for a videoconference to do the customization.

Component Groups

  • basic: for a low-budget bike. It is made of mostly steel parts, not light weight aluminum.
  • light/budget: for a lighter budget bike with aluminum parts.
  • light/mid-budget: for a lighter bike with some more popular parts.
  • light/big budget: for a lighter bike with the best parts.
  • winter: to estimate the price of a winter bike with single-speed coaster brakes and mudguards.