Winter Bikes

Bikes adapted to freeze/thaw

We make winter bikes suitable for freeze/thaw conditions and for wading through Montreal's slosh. It's a potpourri of parts that will require the least maintenance for the winter. We make them from custom-made bikes that we will adapt.

Vélo Québec cycling practices

Consult the section winter cycling before contacting us.

Components of a winter bike

At ReCycliste, a winter bike is essentially a single-speed, coaster bike with mudguards and knobby tyres. Here are the details:

Knobby or studded tires

Start your season with knobby tires and replace them according to your use and driving style. You may ride every day regardless of the amount of snow or black ice, just as you may decide to ride in mild weather as soon as the road is clear after a snowstorm.

New studded tires start at $80 each, it happens that we have used ones at 50%.

If necessary, take inspiration from our winter bikes made in the last year.

It is important that you consult our warranty about our winter bikes.